Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We're excited to introduce a powerful new tool to enhance member engagement:
Direct Links to the Miles & More app
! Now, you can easily create links that lead your customers directly to specific sections of the app. Whether you want to promote earning miles, spending miles, or simply showcase the app's homepage, the choice is yours!
How to Use:
  1. Customize your Link:
    Choose which part of the app you want to open: Home, Earn Miles, or Spend Miles.
  2. Copy and Paste:
    Copy and paste the generated link to your navigation.
  3. Engage your Members:
    Use the direct link in your newsletter or social media posts to incentivize your members to engage with the app. When clicked, the customer will be redirected to the respective section of the Miles & More app, providing a seamless experience.
Go to Dashboard > Settings > Direct link to Miles & More app and drive engagement like never before with Direct Links to the Miles & More app! 🚀
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We're thrilled to unveil our latest feature,
App Styling
, now available in your admin dashboard. This powerful customization tool allows you to
tailor the appearance
of the qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty app to perfectly align with your store theme and checkout process. Customize the
, adjust the
, and even tailor the
to suit your preference. Our goal is to empower you to create a seamless and branded loyalty experience for your customers, ensuring every aspect of their journey reflects your unique identity. Go to dashboard > settings > Add / Customize Miles & More and elevate your loyalty program to the next level!
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We're excited to introduce Future Miles to the qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty app!
We understand that returns can pose challenges, especially when customers have already been rewarded with miles for their purchases. If a product is returned within a specific period, customers could essentially keep the miles for free.
With Future Miles, admins now have greater control over mile transactions. They can set a delay period (e.g., 30 days) before earned miles are actually sent to the customer. This ensures that miles are only awarded after the return period has elapsed, minimizing the risk of unrecoverable rewards.
How it Works:
Admins can easily configure the delay period within the Shopify dashboard. If a customer returns a product within this timeframe, the transaction can be canceled, preventing the distribution of miles. Additionally, admins have the flexibility to manually send out miles earlier if needed.
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Your feedback is vital in helping us create a product that meets the needs of every user. With our latest update, you can now easily provide feedback and suggest new features directly within the qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty admin dashboard.
Key Highlights:
  • Give Feedback:
    Share your thoughts and suggestions to help us improve the qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty app. Your insights will guide us in enhancing the user experience and addressing any pain points.
  • Request New Features:
    Have a feature in mind that could elevate your experience with the app? Let us know! We're committed to prioritizing the most requested features to ensure maximum value for all users.
Together, let's build something extraordinary:
By collaborating with us, you're contributing to the development of a product that everyone desires. Join us on this journey as we work together towards building a truly exceptional loyalty app.
Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Let's shape the future together!
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Admins now have access to a comprehensive analytics section where they can view all miles transactions, including earnings and redemptions. Various key performance indicators (KPIs) and graphs provide deeper insights into the performance of your Miles & More Loyalty program. Use this valuable data to manage and optimize your program, ensuring it delivers the best possible outcomes.
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In the new member section, admins can see a detailed overview of all registered members, their transactions, and the miles earned and redeemed. Additionally, admins have the ability to reward members with additional Miles & More miles. This feature allows you to reward not only purchases but also other actions of your choice, such as providing feedback, participating in surveys, or registering for newsletters.
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